Hey Journey Group! This weekend was a blast! We had our fourth committee meeting of the year and it is still hard to believe that we are half way done. Something that really stuck out to me this week was the weekly Lifetalk on Assumptions. Going through this Lifetalk helped me realize the high amount of assumptions I was making unconsciously that made me perceive a person I never met a certain way. It was as though I had an idea of what the person was like even though I had never had a conversation with them. Realizing this made me more aware of my thoughts in my head and I learned that making assumptions could lead a person to not take a step or chance into a possibly life-changing event or relationship. So this week I challenge you to throw away any first-second assumptions you make about a person, event, or even yourself and step into a new experience without trying to foretell the outcome. Talk to you later journey group!