Yesterday’s theme was Sassy and Classy for the Playing for Others family, so our committee’s girls dressed up in black dresses with bright colored cardigans while the guys wore their snazzy suits. With us wearing our best, we decided to start our committee meeting. So once we started, we had a very special guest, one I have known since I was four. Mr. D, also known as mr. Dan Brunson, taught us how to edit the photos after our check-in and looking at our photos from that week. Mr. Dan gave us a lot of great tips, tips that carried with me when I took my photos yesterday. After that we went into the main room to have our Lifetalk about assumptions where we watched this really cool video where at first we thought everything was life sized but in reality it was actually all different sizes. Then we split off into groups with people that we really didn’t know that much about and talked about assumptions and did certain activities. Another very special thing about this Lifetalk was that one of the leaders was my awesome small group leader, Zarya. After our Lifealk we went out and shot our Winter Ball commercial where we chased AJ down the parking lot, and that was interesting because I don’t run.