Hey guys! How are you all?! I hope you’re doing great. Today I’m focusing on simple, but major impacts PFO has made in my daily life. At times, it becomes easy for me to close myself off to things I’m not automatically good at because I struggle with comparisons. Not only do I have incredible friends, I have an amazing family, great peers, and overall just a fantastic community. Although this has its many ups, sometimes I fall into the simple habit of comparing myself, which leads to lack of 1. self acceptance, but also 2. I don’t always cannonball into the pool, I just dip a toe in and give up. Not only is this self limiting, but it limits development of yourself and others, because what if you were actually really good or inspiring and you never shared your gifts which means you weren’t able to impact yourself or others? What I think I’ve learned the most from the experiences I’ve had in PFO is to completely throw myself into what you’re doing because you don’t know if you’re good or not until you try, and who cares if you’re not good? New experiences are what develops a person, and that’s what we’re all trying to do right now, figure out who we are and develop our minds and souls. For example, I’m in visual art for PFO and I’m taking an art class at school (art is something I’ve always enjoyed, but was never super great at) and I’m actually doing really well in school art and I’ve already thought of ways to incorporate that into my PFO artwork. By throwing myself into the art class, and trying not to compare myself to others who are better than me in art, I’ve created a creative space that will reach beyond the classroom and my mind- something I wouldn’t have been able to share with myself or others if I made comparisons. Thats it for now! Thanks for reading!