Hey Journey Group! Yesterday the Small Group Leaders and I had to film the Winter Ball commercial. We all dressed up in 80’s work-out clothes, because the theme this year for Winter Ball is 80’s! Then, we choreographed a simple exercise routine for all of us to do while 80’s pop music played in the background. We had so much fun filming this commercial. Yesterday, I realized how close we have all gotten and how grateful I am to have these 15 people in my life. We have become a support system for each other, but we also create a space where we have goof off and be silly and dance and sing whenever we want, and I think that is incredible. When I think about it, we are only 3 months in to our PFO season, and we still have 7 months to go! I am excited to see how close all of us get as the year progresses! Thanks Journey Group! Have a great rest of October.