Hey Journey Group! So last Saturday we had another committee meeting, and I am on the Slam Committee, as some of you may know already. I absolutely love being a part of such an inspiring and authentic group within PFO, however I was pretty nervous going into the meeting because we were all going to be performing our poems in front of the committee, and there was something I felt like was missing from my poem, but I just couldn’t pin it down. Another obstacle we all faced was the memorization of our poems, surpirsingly I only had to peek one time, which boosted my confidence within myself as I was performing. So when It was my turn to perform, each of our goals was to allow each of the teens to connect to the poem or resonate with it in some way, and that was my biggest scare. Well, by the end of the poem, they all gave their feedback and each one picked something out of it that they loved, or that they connected to, or a phrase that they felt really spoke for the non-profit itself. This feedback allowed me to feel overjoyed and amazing about the potential I had, and I realized that I have just as much capability of writing a great, solid poem, as does anyone else, and when I put my mind to something, I get it done and the feeling of accomplishment is like no other. Thank you for tuning in, and I encourage you all to pick one event in your life and fully commit to it, and I promise you the results are rewarding and refreshing! Thanks again, Journey Group!