Hey Journey Group! Last week we had a break from committee meeting, so it was awesome to come back to see everyone pumped for Children’s Book! We are getting closer and closer to the final meeting for committees and our deadline and I am proud to say that we are ahead of schedule! Last Sunday, 3 memebers of my committee and I met at Panera to really dive into brainstorming ideas and in doing so we really shaped the book into a rough draft which is just amazing. My committee has also been great at communicating and contacts me whenever something is up. I can’t wait for next week as Ben Elling, one of our advisors, is coming back from his Broadway show in New York. The Children’s Book leadership team has been letting him know all about what’s been going on in Charlotte and he can’t wait to come back and see all that we’ve accomplished. We’re halfway done and doing great! Thanks Journey Group!