Hey Journey Group!! Yesterday was our committee meeting and it went great. Each season picked out colors for the cookbook and I think they all will work great together. My season is Spring and we chose a lime green, pink, light aqua and orange. After that, we talked about the four tips to a great demo. The acronym is PPAK. P is for preparation which means having all the correct ingredients and materials and having the correct attire for cooking. The next P is for presentation which basically is just making the food look pretty. The A is for audience connection, meaning that the chef answers and asks questions from the audience. Last is K which is for having knowledge about the ingredients and product as a whole. Also knowing your audience. After this the season of Fall did a demo and made Pumpkin Pie Dip. They did a great job and I really enjoyed their presentation. It was a really fun meeting and I can’t wait for more like it. Thanks Journey Group!