These past couple of weeks, I’ve realized how much PFO has affected my life. Without my involvement in PFO these past two years, I would be a completely different person. PFO surrounds me with comfort, love, understanding, and acceptance, which creates an environment that cannot be found in many other areas of my life. I have met my best friends, I have found a community that joins me in my happiness and sadness, and most importantly, PFO has helped me change how I see others, how I see myself, and how I see the world. I now see things through a different lens- one that makes me search for the best in others, a lens that does not jump to conclusions about people based on the way they look, speak, or walk. I have learned to surround myself with people that build me up, and I have learned to love all aspects of myself, including my weird talents, my ‘flaws’, or my clumsiness. I’ve become a listener, a leader, and an inspiration.