Hey Journey Group!!! Today we had another awesome committee meeting and Lifetalk. In Slam Poetry we went over our slam piece like usual… but there was a twist. When you heard a part you connected with you were to turn around. This really puts into perspective how one line can be like a climax to a poem. Most of us generally agreed on the part we connected with, and everyone did great. Cole and Paige preformed in front of the full group this week, and they KILLED it. After the committee business was finished we moved on to our Lifetalk about assumptions. I strongly connected to this for many reasons. I had been bullied because of assumptions and it was good to see I was not the only one affected. I realized that no assumption is truly positive, because you believe you know a person and can judge your friendship and interactions because of how they look or what they wear. If the Lifetalks continue getting better and better I will be crying within the next two weeks. Trust me, that’s a good thing. In Gratitude, Jeremiah Williams.