Hey Journey Group! Another committee meeting has passed. This time around, we decided on color themes for each section in the Cookbook. There were color swatches placed on the counter for us to chose as a group. Winter choose two blues, a gray, and a pink. I chose the pink because in the cold, peoples faces turn rosy and I thought it would be a good color to offset the cooler colors. After that, the Fall section of the Cookbook made everyone Pumpkin Pie Dip to help practice the demos we will be doing later on. They served them with ginger snaps. I couldn’t eat the ginger snaps since they were too crunchy for me, but the dip itself tasted good. Cookbook didn’t win the costume competition this week (because people are out to get us now), but I still had fun dressing up! After the meetings were done, we went out and filmed part of a commercial for the annual Winter Ball that PFO hosts! I’m really looking forward to going to that later this year. This meeting was another fun one. Goodbye, JG!