Hi Journey Group! Today we had a great committee meeting. Every week we have a costume theme where all of the teens come to the meetings decked out. The committee member who has the best costume wins committee war points, which are a big deal because at the end of the year, the committee with the most points wins a cool prize. This week the costume was “Sassy and Classy” and every week my committee has decided to make group costumes. This week we all dressed up as toddler’s moms from the tv show, “Toddlers and Tiara’s”. It was silly and so much fun. Even these small things like dressing up together and being silly together have brought the committee so much closer. I have watched people step out of their shells and become more open because we are all wearing ridiculous costumes together. We have grown so much closer as a committee and I can’t wait to see the things we accomplish this year.