Hello Journey Group! Today was our fourth committee meeting, and I can’t believe that we only have four left! Everyone is getting so much closer towards their final product, and it’s awesome to see how much we have grown together as a group. We also had our first demo in Cookbook today: Pumpkin Pie Dip with Gingersnaps. The Fall season (me, Eli, Lillian, and Sophie) presented in front of the whole group, and it was a huge success. The recipe we made was delicious, and our group did great speaking in front of everybody. As always, our committee also went all out on the costumes, and this week we interpreted the “sassy and classy” theme by dressing up as toddlers and tiaras. Even though we didn’t win this time, it was really fun to see everyone be dressed up, and I think this really shows how well we work together as a committee.