Today was our third committee meeting and it was awesome! We interviewed Sonia and Tyler. Its really interesting hearing about who these people are grateful for and I love hearing the stories they tell. While we were waiting for Tyler, Isabelle, Shelby and I started talking and Isabelle said how she was excited for next year, because then we get to see everybody else’s writing style and how they are going to write our story and I couldn’t agree more! We also had a Lifetalk on assumptions which was really cool, because people need to know that you can’t judge a person by a stereotype or an assumption, because they can turn around and be someone you never expected. At the same time there are good assumptions and bad ones, and I liked talking about it because the positive ones can be very uplifting. We also filmed the winter ball video and it was really funny because we all had to run, luckily I was wearing boots so I didn’t fall!