Today, our Lifetalk was on the topic of assumptions. We discussed why we make assumptions and the impact they can have on us. For one of the activities, we were placed into small groups with people we knew relatively well, and each person was to finish the sentence, “If you really knew me, you would know that…” Several people shared pretty heavy things that I have also experienced and being in such a vulnerable space with them made me feel extremely connected. We did a similar version of this activity as a full group at our annual retreat, but being in smaller groups felt much more intimate and safe. In these groups, we also had a discussion about assumptions as a whole. I was surprised at how many people could relate when I spoke up and said that often times, I assume that everyone else sees me the way I see myself. We talked about how we only see what a person chooses to project outwardly, and are often oblivious to what is truly underneath. In the same way, others only see the version of us that we choose to put on display and because of this, we often feel misunderstood. Being with this group of people and holding such an honest conversation reminded me that we are all much more connected than we seem.