This week’s Lifetalk was on assumptions. We discussed why we make assumptions and if there is such a thing as positive assumptions. I tend to believe that assumptions are bad if they affect your entire view of a person, but if one is able to see that they made an assumption and then change their view of a person after they have more information. That is better than if your entire view of a person is affected by that original assumption. During the talk, we were split into groups and we were asked to tell the group one thing about ourselves that other people don’t know. We would start the statement with, “if you really knew me, then you would know ____.” Hearing what others in my group had to say, and sharing my own, had a great effect on me. It was a way to form a connection with people that I might not normally make a connection with. This experience made me realize that although assumptions are a part of life, the only way around them is to share your experiences and show people that the assumption they had may or may not be true. And the only way to do that is to tell them. As we say in PFO, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” And that statement definitely applies to assumptions. Someone can assume things about you because that is what they see, and they might not know what is actually going on, unless you tell them.