Hey Journey Group! Today was the fourth committee meeting. Again in the morning my friend Lucia and I went to Dunkin’ Donuts and then went straight to Creative Campus for the committee meeting. The theme was “Sassy and Classy” so we all looked really fancy. We finally got into our committees and started. Our advisor Brandy brought donuts so that was really sweet of her. We had some people come in that day representing two different non-profits, and we also had Mr. Brunson come in to teach us about editing our photos. At first it seemed super complicated, but then it didn’t seem too hard. Afterwards we had our A-ward ceremony, which are three awards. One for acceptance, accountablility, and attitude. I received the acceptance award. I felt so happy when I received it and it came up so unexpectedly. I had a great day that day. Later I had some PFO friends over and that was super awesome as well. It was a blast.