Ello-hay Ourney-jay Roup-gay! The committee meeting this week was very productive. In the Children’s Book Committee, we were able to brainstorm many ideas, but after doing that for a period of time, we moved towards the beginning section of what the book will actually begin looking like. I’m on the illustration team, although I am also contributing a lot of ideas to the writing segment of the book as well. My partner and I worked on a few different scenes, and we just laid out a few different sketches for that scene so that, ultimately, we’d have something to work with by next week. We have Lifetalks where we talk about life each weekend, and this week we talked about “Assumptions” and I think that it was a very important subject to cover seeing that almost all humans do that, and it isn’t always a good thing to do. We talked about how when people assume things, you kind of become wrapped up in those assumptions and sometimes it turns you into those assumptions. To demonstrate the “wrapping up” part, there was a volunteer peer who was wrapped up in plastic wrap, and when it was reduced to a sheet, I was able to keep it and take it home, because I asked to. Overall, I’d say it was a wonderful weekend, but no weekend is ever as wonderful without PFO.