What a great fall it’s turning into, and such a great way to start it off is with Cookbook’s pumpkin pie dip! I’m so grateful for being on this committee. Each week we gain knowledge of foods, presentation of foods, creating the foods, and so on. It’s so awesome because even though my dad is a chef this is a creative aspect I don’t find myself doing too often, I leave that to him. We went into our Lifetalk about making assumptions, and it was really easy to connect with. We all make assumptions, but hardly ever are they positive, or even true. For you to assume someone has their life all intact, and think they’re so smart can be perceived as negative, because what makes you think that? Maybe what you perceive in someone is misinterpreted and it’s not at all what someone wants you to think of them. I want us all to just think before we assume things, I know it’s hard, but just take a second before you assume or judge something in someone. Maybe you are right, or possibly on the other end of the spectrum, but it’s not up to you. Thank you Journey Group, can’t wait to talk soon!