Hey Journey Group! Today was our 5th Committee Meeting and it also happened to be my Lifetalk! My Lifetalk was on “You Are Not Your Story”, where we recognized our story and realized how our stories shaped us but did not define us. My Lifetalk partner, Sadie, and I began the Lifetalk telling our stories with events that we have labeled as negative. It was very difficult to be that vulnerable with something I had only shared with a small group of people. But I am glad I did it because I know my vulnerability opened up the space so other teens could be vulnerable. It felt good to hold the safe space for the teens and see them take advantage of it. Today, I truly realized that leading a session is so much more than teaching one. While leading, I went along the process with the teens and helped guide them through it. Despite my many “I can’t do this” moments leading up to my Lifetalk, I did it, and I am beyond grateful.