Hello Journey Group! Today was our fifth committee meeting and in our meeting we caught up on all of our to-do’s. This was so great because it showed how committed and on top everything our co-chairs and advisors are. Seeing this commitment, is so comforting because it shows how determined Cookbook is to make the best Cookbook ever and make sure we all enjoy the committee experience and learn to love PFO. We also got help in doing this so we know what to do, how to do it right, and how it helps to make the best cookbook. Commitment like this is something I admire and resonate with because I also like to work hard at something I care about and I love to see others do the same. Hard work is something people put into something they love and care greatly about and I love this coming from my co-chairs and advisors because I want to make the best cookbook, have a great time, and learn. This shows they are on the same page, which makes me excited to wake up early on a Saturday and give up my time to do something great.