Salutations Journey group! This marks our fifth committee meeting of this PFO Year. It was another fun one. This meeting mostly was set up to make sure we got everything we needed to do up until this point done. We each needed our recipes, facts about our fruit and vegetable, and how to cut them all on the cookbook spreadsheet. I had most of it done before the meeting, only having missed the instructions on cutting my fruit, lemons. The Spring section of cookbook presented a recipe today as well. It was a salad with egg, pasta, celery, and some other ingredients I’ve already forgotten. I wasn’t able to eat it because other people got to it before I did during our lunch break, but I bet it was tasty! After lunch, we split up for our Arts Experience. We had a guest artist come to Visual Art today! She taught us how to to Soul Collages. Soul Collages are used for therapy sometimes. It’s a collage you don’t plan out: it’s supposed to be spontaneous. You take whatever you like out of a magazine and cut and place them on these little cards! We got two of them to play with. They were really fun to do. I had to leave early, so mine weren’t 100% done yet, but I think they still turned out really cool! This year has been exciting! Adios, JG!