Today, we had our second Visual Arts workshop. We had someone come in, and she talked about collaging. She showed us small collages on pieces of cardstock. She called them, “Soul Collages.” Each had some sort of scene made up of different objects cut up from magazines, which were heaped high in the center of the table. We were each to make up to two of our own soul collages. What I liked about this activity was the fact was that you didn’t have to think so hard initially. You would just cut out whatever picture was interesting or appealing to you. One girl kept cutting out pictures of guys she thought were cute. After you cut out your pictures, you would then have to think a bit more carefully about what kind of image you wanted, and where each object would go. To me, the soul collage is an image of the soul. You subconsciously take on so many different things, and those things might not necessarily have much meaning. However, you can be more deliberate with what you take from all your experiences, and put them all together to make an image of yourself.