Hello Journey Group! It’s been a wonderful start to the Playing For Others season and I’ve been reminded why I’m a part of PFO and why I am so grateful for it. Tonight I had the opportunity to see Dan Pallotta speak downtown. He talked about the way our society views charities, and how we need to flip those views. (He has a Ted Talk that I would encourage you to watch!). Sitting in the audience, I was reminded of the two questions PFO asks me. Who am I and how can I give of that? Dan discussed the non-profit world verse the for-profit world and for the first time I realized that there isn’t a future that I can see myself in that doesn’t involve non-profits, a future where I’m fulfilled and can answer who I am. I’ve realized just how much PFO has changed me and how integral of a part of my life it is. Three and a half years ago, I barely knew the difference between a non-profit and a for-profit, and now, I can’t envision my life without non-profits. I’m utterly grateful to PFO for inspiring me to answer that second question. And not only answer it, but act on it. Thanks again Journey Group for following me throughout this life changing year!