Whats Happenin’ Journey Group? This week was a bit more relaxed than other weeks, even though we did have a workshop and whatnot this week. I was able to begin work on what might be a model of an official page in our Children’s Book this Saturday. I found myself a tad behind in terms of being a skilled artist, and the two other illustrators on my team are waaaay more advanced than I am. I probably won’t be doing too much aside from making the base for pages that will be evolved into fabulous works of the human hand. After the committee meeting I went to Subway and sat with a few of the members of PFO who had been there the longest and were on the leadership team. From them I learned much about PFO that I hadn’t known before then, and I’m glad I was able to have heard it. Later, in my Musical Theatre workshop, we did a lot of physical games to show how close we needed to be to the rest of our ensemble onstage. Another one of the workshop’s goals was to show that we needed to be prepared to make sudden judgements at sudden moments. I heard that next weekend we’ll be collaborating with all of the other workshop groups! I’m really looking forward to it and I’ll catch you up on it next week! See you then!