Hi Journey Group! I hope your week has been fantastic! This Saturday we had arts workshops again, but instead of focusing on stenciling, we did soul collages! Led by an alumn’s mom, this experience was very eye opening and fun. The way you do soul collages is you take about 30 minutes to go through a ridiculous amount of magazines, while ripping out pages that stir a feeling within you. After ripping out the pages, you begin to cut out specific pieces you enjoyed, and then start gluing and collaging! Soul collages are supposed to say something about where your emotions are at that particular moment, and looking back at mine, I can see specific news stories and conflicts that have really been stirring my emotions lately. For example, one of my collages had a picture of a young Ebola victim being carried out by someone in a hazmat suit, but instead of leaving it in the picture, I added a face of a pop star/icon in the Americas, with a halo-like object around her head. Interepert however you’d like, I don’t want to give my interpretation to modify yours so I won’t say! Anyways, soul collaging really got my mind to slow down and stay present, and I left feeling light and happy. So today my gratitude goes to Brandy (arts advisor) for arranging a great workshop!