Hey Journey Group! Yesterday we had our 2nd Arts experience meeting. I was not at our first one, but this one went really well. An alumni mom came in and showed us how to do Soul Collages. To make a Soul Collage, we went through magazines and pulled out pictures that created some type of feeling for us. They had no real theme, just a collage of things that made us feel some type of way. In my first collage I used a really cute picture of a mouse as my background and stuck faces of people and animals around the mouse. All of the faces I found made me laugh and that’s how they all connected together. For example, there was a cat who looked so grumpy, it was funny. In my second collage I chose places that were beautiful to me. One picture was of a beautiful view of a village and another was just Asheville, NC written out. I chose Asheville because I love to vacation there and the other places were cities I want to go to. I really liked this activity and I can see myself doing this during my free time. Thanks Journey Group!