Before 10th grade, being the only kid over the age of 12 in a way too tight bathing suit, at the first summer league swim practice, I was probably the most physically and emotionally uncomfortable that I had ever been. As evident by my discomfort in no way am I a swimmer, but somehow for the past 3 summers by my own volition I have partaken in the daily practices of glorified drowing that sometimes resemble breast stroke. There, phew, I have been wanting to use that introduction into some piece of writing for the past 3 months. So let’s flash back to why I decided it would be a good idea to join the swim team. Do I find some subconscious joy from plunging into freezing cold water?– No I do not. While my justification for swim team was to get in shape for tennis season, I think I joined swim team in order to expand my comfort zone. So where did this idea of it being a good idea to go outside my comfort zone come from you might ask? And the answer is PFO. PFO instilled in me the idea that in order to make a positive impact on your own life or others’ lives you must be willing to take action and genuinely care with no regard to where your comfort zone lies. As I strive to make a positive impact this year in PFO, I have again been pushed out of my comfort zone, as I try to write up people’s stories for the anthology book we are making. Fortunately, one thing PFO has taught me about myself is that I am up for the challenge. So I am excited for the rest of this year and whatever else will challenge me to go outside of my comfort zone. I am also grateful to PFO for inspiring me to go outside of my comfort zone in other aspects of my life like swimming.