So today at PFO we had another committee meet followed by an art experience meeting, first at the committee meeting I performed my poem to my committee. after words we did a little activity to help us to remember our poems. For the activity we had to say our poems slowly to our partners while making eye contact with them, we repeated this process into it was time to switch. After that it was time to go into the main room. In the main room me and a few other teens had to perform our poem to the whole PFO community, meaning the staff and all the other teens. Everyone went up there and performed there poem really well. I think the support we had from everyone else really helped us all to perform. After the lovely Lifetalk it was time for our arts experience meeting. At the art experience meet Ben told us that we were going to try to make some planets by us some wire,baloons, torlet paper to make them. It was really hard trying t make a planet out of some wire. I tried, but it wasn’t big enough so we called it a star. But the bottom line is that i had a good hanging around with my PFO friends.