I regretfully was not at the last committee meeting because I was out of town. Since I wasn’t there, Maddie Healy, as a co-chair, was in charge of the small group. She led the discussion during the Lifetalk and was super helpful. I am so grateful to have Maddie in my small group because I am 100% confident that if I, for whatever reason, can’t be at a committee meeting I am leaving my small group in the best of hands. To be able to have this confidence takes the stress off of me because I don’t have to worry about if my small group is being taken care of. She is so on top of it and even sent me a text after the meeting letting me know how it went. It was weird not being in PFO on Saturday and I found myself checking the clock and thinking about what I would be doing if I was there. I remember at around 11:30 I thought, “oh, the Lifetalk is going on right now! I know Caleb and Sadie are killing it!” I think that is something I will do as an alumni as well. Every Saturday, during the committee meetings, I will be thinking about what PFOers are doing and send positive vibes and gratitude their way.