Wow, what a wonderful PFO weekend! This week has been big in the PFO world. First of all we had our Festival in the Park Buddy Event and also had our first committee meeting of the 14-15 PFO season. Last Friday all our new PFO products were released. Make sure to go pick up the newest PFO cookbook, coffee table book, or children’s book! One thing that really stuck out to me this weekend was working the PFO product booth at Festival in the Park. As I was working the booth, people that were interested in PFO would come up to the booth and ask me what PFO was and how I was a part of it. Being able to share my PFO story to complete strangers and seeing their eyes light up with intrigue at all the great work PFO is doing always amazes me. Looking back now, I am so happy to be able to share the PFO “web” of connections with so many other human beings and I can’t wait to see how the web grows. Talk to you later, Journey Group!