I had a really great day yesterday that first started out with my first committee meeting where I found out my non-profit organization. We sat in a circle discussing words that we thought reminded us of our non-profit, and Burke took us outside to video tape us saying our hellos to our nonprofit organization. Then after that we went over the techniques on how to use our camera and Daniel, being the awesome friend that he is, let me look on with him, so thank you Daniel. Then it was time for a LifeTalk in D-Pang’s kitchen where we got to learn and see what we do want to digest and what we don’t want to digest. After that we went to Festival In The Park and mine and Sammy’s buddy didn’t show up because of parking, but that’s ok because we still had a great day anyways. We mainly hung out in the grass with our friends that we haven’t seen in a whole month. Then afterwards, after we signed out, me Anna, Anna and Daniel went for a walk around the park and ate food. So that was my awesome day at Festival In The Park and I can’t wait to be with my PFO family again.