I had an amazing day yesterday! It all began with my committee meeting. I am in COOKBOOK. I love cookbook so far, yesterday we all had so much fun sharing recipes. After that we had an amazing life talk. It really made me think about that I control what comments I can accept or reject. I really loved and connected with that life talk. I was then absolutely shocked that I won Teen of The Week! It made me feel really good about myself. I have been wondering who picked/nominated me. That was a really special moment for me. After that we departed for an hour and a half. Then we all came back together for the Buddy event! That was so much fun, festival in the park was great. While we were waiting I got to know Frankie and Erin better. That was fun because it turns out we all have a similar taste in music. Then I talked to Daniel and Lucia who I also got to know better. I had a lot of fun with them. Then Ariana came! Frankie, Ariana, and I had a blast. We just talked, took selfies, and looked at art. I have loved getting to know Ariana. All in all, it was a great day! ~Peace, Ava 🙂