Hey Journey Group! I hope you all are having an amazing month so far. This year as you may know I’m on leadership (I am a Small Group Leader which means I watch over a group of 5 girls . My job is to keep them in the loop and make sure they feel love and belonging). Jen, the other Small Group Leaders and I talked about how anything is possible regardless of condition or circumstance. Recently I applied for a scholarship for a possible opportunity to get a full ride to one of three university’s (UNC Chapel Hill, Davidson, or NC State) and I had to do an interview for it. I almost let circumstance and condition get in the way. The fear that I wasn’t smart enough, what if I messed up, and I don’t stand out from anyone else applying, made me think applying was only going to be a waste of time. But after a talk with my best friend and mother, I realized I would never know if I didn’t try. I took a chance. So, Journey Group, I challenge you to not worry about condition or circumstance and to not baby step into your future, but to leap at all possible opportunities. Good luck! Talk to you guys soon!
In Gratitude, Zarya 🙂