Hey Journey Group! Yesterday we had our first committee meeting! Being apart of the Cookbook Committee we have a lot of things to get done to prepare for our demos. When we first got into our classroom our co-chairs and advisors gave us an example of a good and bad demo. They both made batches of guacamole; during the first demo the chefs were enthusiastic and sincerely enjoyed the food that they were preparing. During the second demo the chefs were extremely bored, used negative body language and didn’t even wash their hands. After that we broke into our seasons and discussed some of the recipes we found for our vegetable or fruit. I got pumpkin, some of the recipes I found were for a pumpkin frappuccino, pumpkin pancakes, and a pumpkin pie dip for ginger snaps. I am very much looking forward to creating some of the recipes I found as well as tasting some of the recipes that my friends create. As a committee I think that we are all really close, we work well as a team and have fun along the way. This was especially prominent when we won the committee kickball tournament and earned 50 war points. This puts us in 3rd place so the other committees better watch out. Thanks for reading, until next time! 🙂