Hi Journey Group! Yesterday I had my first committee meeting of the year! I am in Anthology, where we will be interviewing people about the people who have impacted their lives, and then writing them into our Anthology book. Our whole committee was honored to have a member of the Charlotte Observer come and talk to us and give us advice on interviewing. She also depicted the translation of the interview onto paper, which I thought was interesting. I feel really comfortable with our tasks for this year in Anthology because of my “on-top-of-it” co-chairs, Anna and Julian, and my down to earth advisor, Brandi. I also attended the Festival in the Park Buddy Event at Freedom Park yesterday. Even though my buddy, Thomas, couldn’t come, it was still nice to see other teens interacting with their buddies and it was cool to see all of the shops. Everybody was so open and accepting with their buddies, and I loved it. I’m looking forward to an outing with Thomas and my Buddy Partner, Caleb, as well as the next Buddy Event!