Hey Journey Group! Yesterday we had our first committee meeting and our second buddy event. At our committee meeting, being in Slam Poetry, we all shared our poems that we wrote for the non-profits. They were honestly some of the best poems that I had ever heard. It was amazing to be sitting in the same room with people who could create such amazing works of art, just from words. After our committee meeting we headed over to Festival In The Park for our second buddy event. Unfortunately, my buddy Roma couldn’t make it. Instead I helped out at the booth, which was really fun. I also got to spend quality time with my small group leader, Sonia, whose buddy was also not present. It was so much fun! Sonia and I helped Ben, PFO’s Communications Coordinator, and also our Art’s Experience advisor, interview PFO members and buddies and talk to them about their day. After our buddy event was over we watched performances by PFO members on the youth stage. I was blown away by how much talent we had in our small, little, non-profit. Yesterday was such an uplifting day for me because I got to see PFO making a difference in the buddy’s lives. I mean, think about it- Would these buddies ever come to Festival In The Park if it wasn’t for PFO? Would they have the support of two awesome PFO members who were there for them? Its just so amazing to me that we can do something like this. I had such a fun day yesterday! It was truly amazing.