Hi Journey Group! This Saturday we had a great buddy even at Festival in the Park. I always love going to see the festival each year, and being able to see it at PFO was even greater! I love seeing the people of PFO surrounded by so much art and creativity. It reminds me of what we’re working towards and how we can be a part of something even larger than PFO. The Festival allows us to see other people being creative and kind. Seeing my buddy, Arianna, made the event even better. She didn’t get there till a little later, so I was so excited when she and her family finally came. We were able to walk around for a bit and have a great time looking at art and seeing children perform. I loved being able to interact with other people and one another. It’s so cool to see other people’s talents inside and outside of PFO, and spending time with my buddy made the day even better. I’m so excited for next week when we get to continue our committee meetings. I’m in Anthology, so we’re going to be writing a book of stories about the teens in PFO and adults that they are grateful for. I’m so excited to keep working, and can’t wait to tell you about it next week!