Hey Journey Group! So this weekend has been super busy with PFO events. We had our very first committee meeting, our 2nd Buddy Event at Festival in the Park, our new website is finally up and running, and I attended the Sandbox Prom. The Sandbox Prom is a big celebration for kids and teens with cancer or other life threatening illnesses, and some of us from PFO were invited to go! The main theme for the Sandbox is “Believing”, so while I was there I started to think about the power of Believing and what that means to me. I began thinking about my dream college, and the power that believing in it has. I was given the advice of imagining myself there, and imagining opening my acceptance letter, and not letting any barriers or circumstances stop me from believing in my dream. Well, after this conversation I got home, and I had received an interest package from the school! At that point I was sold on the power of believing. So, Journey Group, I challenge you this month to believe in your dreams and imagine it happening in your head. Before I go, I will leave you with a little quote that I was told once, “Everything is created twice, once in your mind, and then a second time in life”.