Hey Journey Group! Yesterday was the first committee meeting and second buddy event! We had the buddy event at the Festival in the Park. The buddy event was definitely a “win” (as we like to call really good experiences with our buddies in PFO) with my buddy, Shamus. We went to the amusement rides with Shamus, his sister Avery, and their younger brother. I was worried that Shamus wouldn’t remember me, but he immediately was smiling and talking, so I knew that he remembered me and had opened up to me and my buddy partner, Eli. Shamus held my hand to go over to the rides, which was such a simple, but genuine gesture that showed that Shamus has begun to trust me. I am so glad that I have already impacted him and we have already built a friendship. It was so much fun and I cannot wait to continue building a connection with Shamus!