Hey Journey Group!! Hope you all are doing well, I know that I am! I just wanted to tell you all a little bit about our second buddy event, which was at Festival in the Park. Louisa and I met up with Yasmin, our buddy, and started to walk around the park to each stand, looking at the beautiful art and playing funky instruments. After a little bit of walking, we got to the Youth Variety Stage, where a group of girls were performing a dance. I asked Yasmin if she liked to dance, and she responded saying that she did, but she’s not very good. Louisa and I told her that we bet she’s a beautiful dancer, and asked if she would dance with us for a little bit. After some hesitation, she started jumping and spinning around to the music with us, and I could tell she was having a blast. It made me realize that I have the ability to bring out the things that people love themselves, and it made me grateful for the passions that each person has, whether they choose to make them known or not. I’ll be in touch with you soon Journey Group! You’re all wonderful people, thanks for being interested in my PFO experience!