Hi Journey Group! I wanted to tell you about the amazing time I had at the first committee meeting today. As some of you know, I am the co-chair of the Cookbook Committee. My co-chair and I have been planning for this committee meeting for a while so I was overjoyed that the day had finally come. One of the things my co-chair and I have done during the gap between the full group retreat in late August and the first committee meeting was to send our committee members an inspirational video and a little update every Thursday. At the meeting, numerous teens told us what an impact that has had on them and how it brightens their day every time they see they got an email from us. Seeing how the little things such as taking just a couple of seconds to shoot someone an email has shown me that the little things in life do matter. I know now that it does not take a lot of money or huge amounts of time to make someones day, it can be as simple as shooting someone a quick email or text. I challenge you, Jouney Group, to take just a few seconds to brighten someones day today. I promise it is worth it.