Yesterday, we had our first official Committee Meeting! Like I’ve said before, I am a Co-Chair on the Slam Poetry Committee with Cole and our advisor, Eddie. I was really anxious for the meeting, because Cole, Eddie and I have been excitedly preparing for these meetings for months! Thankfully, all of our hard work definitely paid off. At one point in the meeting, we had each Committee Member share their first drafts of their poems for their non-profit honorees with the group, and I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of talent in the room. Hearing those poems, I felt so unbelievably lucky to have been able to create that safe space for my Committee. After the meeting ended, I realized how special it is to be in a Leadership position in PFO. Being a Co-Chair puts me in a position of both a mentor and a friend to other PFO-ers, which is such a unique relationship that I am so thankful to have.