Although my buddy, Owen, wasn’t able to attend the Festival in the Park event, my buddy partner (Isaiah) and I set up a time the weekend before to play for a few hours. We decided to go to Latta Park. It was very different to be out in a public setting with Owen without the large masses of PFO teens and buddies. Owen and his sister Claire darted through the playground with endless amounts of energy and laughter. Due to Owen’s young age of 4, Isaiah and I faced the challenge of having to make sure Owen didn’t run out onto the street or into a small creek next to the playground. In order to maintain his safety, I had to redirect Owen’s attention away from these places and get him focused on something else, such as going down the slide. As soon as I was able to bring his attention away from running outside the playground, we had so much fun making our way through the ladders and slides. It was such an amazing break from any other sort of worries I had, and I can’t wait to see Owen again!