Today was the last day of Festival in the Park, and I worked the PFO tent, where we sold merchandise and generally promoted PFO. I was actually not very excited for my shift because I don’t like selling things to people, but another PFO teen, Lucia, helped me out. At first when people showed interest in, say, the Children’s Book, I awkwardly tried to pitch it to them. It didn’t work. After a few, though, Lucia and I began to just pitch PFO. We talked about the different experiences and the committees and the buddy program, and most of all, how PFO had forever changed us. Although we didn’t sell mountains of books, I think we sold something just as important. We sold the idea of PFO! We met so many potential teens who all would be PERFECT for PFO. Afterwards, I realized that I was in a crazy good mood. I was just feeling happy and I loved the world so much at that moment- and it was because I had been talking about PFO, something that I love.