Yesterday was amazing! As soon as I got there I was ready to go as soon as I got there! Kenzy and all of her sibling came and it was awesome! We watched the aerial dancers and they were amazing! We cheered for them and danced to the music. Then we walked around the park and looked at all the art. There were some amazing pieces that we pointed out some really awesome pieces. There were metal works, jewelry and even eno’s! And Kenzy couldnt go fast enough! She pulled us because she was so ready to go! We could barely keep up! Then after the event we watched as a bunch of out PFO teens went up and performed on stage. There were so many talented people and I felt so proud of them. Then afterwards we went to Lucindas house and had a little bonding session! I’m sad to say that I couldn’t attend the committee meeting. So my committee sent me the best message ever! They sent me a video of them making a heart and wishing me good luck! I can honestly say I have never been anywhere that’s like PFO. Everybody is so loving, they don’t even have to know you to love you!