Hello Journey Group! Today was the very first committee meeting of the PFO season and it was absolutely incredible and amazing in every way possible. I am on the Children’s Book committee and we started off the experience by brainstorming ideas for the setting and protagonist. We began the meeting by designing settings based off different songs, one heavy metal song, one classical piece, and one song played on the ukulele. We then designed three different versions of a potential protagonist! It was so awesome to get my creative juices flowing and collaborate with my committee members to make some really cool ideas. Everyone on my committee is so creative and we came up with some really unique ideas! I’m so excited for what we’re going to create and I am 100% POSITIVE that the Children’s Book is going to be the best! I was just so grateful to be sitting in one room with a bunch of teens who are so talented and creative and I can’t wait until next week!