Hey Journey Group! So our second buddy event was at Festival in the Park. Let me tell you, I thought it was going to be a logistical nightmare. But surprisingly it was not; it turned out to be one of my favorite buddy events ever. Molly, Shelby, and I walked around the Park, danced on the youth stage to the cupid shuffle during a break between performances, and enjoyed King of Pops (if you have not had these popsicles you must try them. I got a lemon basil flavor). However my favorite part was stopping by the Myers Park High School Orchestra tent. They had set up an instrument petting zoo, where Molly and I got to try playing the violin, viola and the cello. The best part though was not the instruments, it was the fact that one of my good friends AC Keesler was working at the tent, and so I got to introduce her to my buddy Molly. It was a cool experience to have my “worlds collide”. I am always a little unsure of how to describe PFO to people, but I think I have found a new way. PFO is about bringing your personal experiences (who you are), the people you know (journey group), your ability to serve others and let others serve you (buddy program), and colliding these three distinct, different “worlds” into an accepting culture of people. As always, thanks for entertaining my thoughts. -Zoe