Hey Journey Group! Yesterday we had our second buddy event of the season at Festival in the Park. It was so great to see Sean again, and I could tell he was really excited to see us too! We went to the playground, and saw some performances, and even just walking around was fun with Sean! We all had a blast, and I got to learn more about his forms of communication and what he likes and dislikes. Cole and I loved making him laugh, and he sure loved laughing! After the event was over, I performed at the festival and Sean and his mom came to watch. I was really touched that they were so interested in my hobbies and wanted to support me, and it really showed me that our connection wasn’t one sided, and that Sean was as interested in getting to know me as I was him. I’m so excited about the rest of this year and for our relationship to grow! Thanks Sean for a super fun day and great memories!