Yesterday was the first committee meeting and it was really fun! It was great seeing everyone again, since I hadn’t seen everyone since the first buddy event. I was really looking forward to this meeting because it was my first committee meeting as a small group leader. Instead of being in a committee, I was with the other small group leaders and Jen. It’s really different from being in a committee because we are not making a product. Instead we are making sure things are going well in our Small Groups and completing different tasks. It was really nice to have a chance to sit with all the other small group leaders and discuss our different experiences with stepping into these leadership roles. It’s nice to have a support system since we are all new at being small group leaders and are able to support each other through the transition. We were looking at different things PFO believes in and one that really sparked discussion was, “you can do anything no matter circumstance or conditions,” (paraphrased). This led to a discussion about circumstantial thinking and how even the conditions that seem so large and insurmountable are simply circumstances that can be overcome. It really made me think about my college application experience and how even things that seem so big, like GPA or finances, are just circumstances that can be overcome through hard work and tons of other pathways to achievement. This helped me realize that I can get into any college I want to, no matter circumstance or condition if I work hard, think outside the box, and do my best. Because in the end, all that matters is that I am happy and know that I did everything possible to achieve my goals.