Hey there journey group! This week has been SO busy for PFO, but so worth it! We had our first committee meeting of the year, which was fantastic! But I think the most impactful part of the week for me was leading my first Lifetalk. A Lifetalk is when 2-3 leadership teens present an idea that we want to share with PFO about, well, life! This week we talked about how we can accept or reject our thoughts, which leads to how we feel. For the first time ever I had to lead almost 100 teens and staff through my section of the Lifetalk. This would have scared me even a few months ago, but I was confident and cool and actually enjoyed myself. As I was up there talking to the teens, I realized this was the exact same Lifetalk that my first small group leader, Ben Bridges, did. I looked up to Ben so much, and now I’m realizing that I am what Ben was for me, for others in PFO. In PFO we gave a saying, “You become the leaders you learn from,” and I think that this Lifetalk really made me realize how far I’ve come, and that I have actually become the leader that I learned from.